Nov 15th, 2016 | Category: Cultura
pastedimageIl 19 novembre 2016 alle ore 18 presso la Galleria la Pigna in via la Pigna 13/a Roma sede del vicariato di Roma jaume queralt espporrà la sua mostra Ritratti dei Divi degli anni 50,  da MASTROIANI a JAMES FRANCO, GRACE KELLY, TOTO, PAPA GIOVANNI, FRANK SINATRA, PASOLINI, CHARLIE CHAPLIN, JAMES DEAN, NELSON MANDELA , MORGAN FREEMAN , MARILYN MONROE e tanti altri vip del cinema italiano e mondiale saranno presentati al pubblico presso la gallaeria sede del vaticano. Presenta la serata Emanuela Del Zompo, giornalista, scrittrice ed attrice.
Ospiti attesi all’evento Max Croci (regista di Poli Opposti), Luca Argentero, Il Principe Guglielmo Giovannelli , Tony Esposito e tanti altri.
Jaume Queralt was born in Tarragona in 1949 . When he turned 8 years old his father took him to the School of Fine Arts in Tarragona because of his ability to paint.  At age of 13 he started studying at the Escola Massana in Barcelona where his evident talent for painting was already standing out, especially influenced by Van Gogh .
pastedimage-1In 1973 he began his professional career as an artist.  He decided to move to Paris for a year.  In 1978 moved to Alforja to set up his studio , which he still has, and where he continues to live today, accompanied by Neus, his wife, and his son Jaume.
His work is varied , both in terms of styles and subject matter .  At the height of his career his figurative genius showed with his ” dolls “,  which came to life with unparalled eye expressions . He also uses his talent  to paint and capture the everyday reality of his days; coffee and breakfast with seniors  around a stove or evenings in the bars with the men playing dominoes and cards.  It also should be noted  his work included paintings of the interiors of homes, with great detail to antiques and period pieces
Hailed as a major figurative artist with an uncanny ability to capture the faces of  dolls, shadows and transparències.  Gradually his work leaves this world as it evolves, as in the 90s, to the abstract .